Linux System Initialization Command Cheat Sheet

In Linux, system initialization commands are used for starting and stopping system services, configuring kernel parameters, managing system services, and scheduling tasks. As part of the startup process, they ensure that all necessary services are run. Using these commands can improve system performance, automate tasks, and ensure reliable system operation.

Command Description
systemd A system and service manager responsible for starting and stopping system services.
init The traditional system initialization program that runs scripts in the /etc/rc* directory to start system services.
systemctl A command-line tool for managing systemd services.
service A command-line tool for controlling system services.
chkconfig A command-line tool used to enable or disable system services at various runlevels.
update-rc.d A command-line tool used to update System V (SysV) style init script links.
rc-update A command-line tool used to manage runlevels and system services on systems using the OpenRC init system.
rcctl A command-line tool used to manage system services on OpenBSD systems.
insserv A command-line tool used to install and remove System V init script headers.
systemctl enable/disable/start/stop/restart/reload SERVICE Examples of using the systemctl command to control a service named "SERVICE".
systemd-analyze This command analyzes and debugs the system boot process, including the time taken by each service to start up.
rcconf This command configures System V init scripts that are started or stopped at system boot time.
sysctl This command is used to configure kernel parameters at runtime. It allows you to change the behavior of the kernel and adjust system performance.
ulimit This command is used to set resource limits for users and processes. It allows you to control the maximum amount of system resources that can be used by a process.
cron This command is used to schedule periodic tasks and scripts to run at specified times. It allows you to automate system tasks and maintenance.

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