centos 8 install cockpit

How to Install & Access Cockpit on CentOS 8

Managing and Administering Linux Servers is a daunting task for every System Administrators. It needs an essential hands-on experience in command line/ CUI. However, many significant projects are coming up to handle Linux Administration tasks via the web console. It helps the new system admins, DevOps, and Developers to handle the system administration task easier. […]

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ssh server in linux

10 useful steps to install and secure SSH server in Linux

SSH stands for Secure Socket Shell, it is one of the well-known service protocol used to execute an operation to the remote administration over the internet. It provides a very secure passage between the designated computers. Once the connection is established, then SSH provides encrypted sessions for all the public (unsecured) network in a client-server […]

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How to configure Two Node High Availability Cluster On RHEL/CentOS 7.6

This article will help you how to setup/configure a High-Availability (HA) cluster on Linux/Unix based systems. Cluster is nothing but a group of computers (called nodes/members) to work together to execute a task. Basically there are four types of clusters available, which are Storage Cluster, High-availability Cluster, Load-balancing Cluster, and HIGH-Performance Computing Cluster. In production, […]

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how to install magento

How to install Magento-2.2.3 on RHEL / CentOS 7.6

Magento is one of the robust and powerful platform for eCommerce website. It built with a PHP Framework. It comes with two editions-: Magento-2 Commerce (EE) “formerly known as Enterprises Edition” and Magento-2 Open Source “formerly known as Community Edition”. Magento-2 is a fully customizable and user-friendly interface, which can set up and control a […]

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