configure anonymous ftp server in rocky linux

How to Set up Anonymous FTP in Rocky Linux 8.4

FTP servers are commonly known to facilitate file transfers between clients and servers. Typically, ftp servers offer two types of access levels: Authenticated and Anonymous. The first method (Authenticated) requires a valid username and password in order to access the files and directories. The second method ( Anonymous) being anonymous, we can download files without […]

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rocky linux 8.4 installation steps

Steps to Install Rocky Linux-8.4 with screenshots

A brief introduction about Rocky Linux Rocky Linux is a Community-based Enterprise Operating System, officially released by Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) which is a free support platform with a complete binary-compatible release using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system source code. The advantage of Rocky Linux is that it is completely free […]

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install cockpit centos 7

How to Install & Access Cockpit on CentOS 8

Managing and administering Linux Servers is a daunting task for all System Administrators. Needs essential hands-on experience in the command line/ CUI. However, many significant projects are coming up to handle Linux Administration tasks via the web console. It helps the new system admins, DevOps, and Developers to handle the system administration task easier. In […]

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ssh server in linux

10 useful steps to install and secure SSH server in Linux

SSH stands for Secure Socket Shell, one of the well-known service protocols used to execute an operation to the remote administration over the internet. It provides a very secure passage between the designated computers. Once the connection is established, SSH will then provide encrypted sessions for all public (unsecured) networks in a client-server architecture. It […]

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